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Sinn Féin can fix our health service

Our health system is in a state of crisis. This is not a matter of debate: trolley numbers have spiked,

waiting lists stretch into years, and medical staff trained at home are leaving in droves due to poor

working conditions.


This crisis can be boiled down to two key failings on the part of successive governments: firstly, an

extreme depth of fundamental inequality in how patients are treated, differentiated on ability to

pay and location; and secondly, the sheer incapacity of the system to deal with even demographic

pressures, evidenced particularly in our Emergency Departments and maternity care.


Universal Health Care, not Universal Health Insurance, is the solution.


Sinn Féin is committed to the realisation of a world-class system of universal health care, accessed on

the basis of need, free at the point of delivery, and funded by progressive taxation for the Irish state.


We believe there is no greater good worth striving for.


Please click here to read our Sinn Fein Health policy document.