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Limerick estates taken in charge


Sinn Féin TD Maurice Quinlivan has welcomed the allocation from central Government of funding of €268,500 that will enable Limerick Council to take charge of six housing developments across the city and county.

These estates are Bracken Crescent, Clonile, Eden Court, Meadow Springs, Silverbrook in Limerick City and  Whitethorns in Caherconlish.

Limerick estates taken in charge

Fresh recruitment embargo will copperfasten crisis in health service


Fresh recruitment embargo will copperfasten crisis in health service - Maurice Quinlivan TD

Sinn Féin TD for Limerick Maurice Quinlivan has strongly criticised the announcement of a fresh embargo on the recruitment of doctors, nurses and midwives by the HSE.

Speaking today, Deputy Quinlivan said;

"The announcement of this recruitment ban is gobsmacking to say the very least. It indicates that the new Minister For Health, Simon Harris, has failed to appreciate the scale of the chaos in our hospitals. Despite our health service being understaffed and reliant on locum staff, Minister Harris has enforced a blanket ban on recruitment effective from now.


Fresh recruitment embargo will copperfasten crisis in health service



Sinn Féin TD Maurice Quinlivan has called on Irish Water to ‘stop their metering programme’.

Deputy Quinlivan said:

‘Sinn Féin and the other Right 2 Water TDs will be tabling a private members motion in two week’s time calling for the abolition of water charges and Irish Water. A majority of TDs who were elected to the 32nd Dáil campaigned to end water charges so we expect this motion to be passed.


Time for immediate government action on rental inflation

Time for immediate government action on rental inflation- Deputy Quinlivan

Sinn Féin TD and member of the Dáil Housing and Homeless Committee, Maurice Quinlivan has repeated his call on the government to declare a housing emergency and implement a number of immediate measures to tackle soaring rents across the state especially here in Limerick.

Time for immediate government action on rental inflation

Incoming Government must prioritise Housing and call it a National Emergency


Limerick TD Sinn Féin’s Maurice Quinlivan said: “It is likely that a new Fine Gael minority government supported by Fianna Fáil will be formed this week. 

The strong indications are that that government will include a new stand-alone Department and Minister for Housing.  On taking office the new Minister should take a moment and reflect on those in emergency accommodation and the huge number lingering on the housing waiting list. The numbers of people seeking secure housing is not just a national scandal, they are a screaming alarm bell telling us all that our housing system is broken. What is clearly a national emergency should be treated as such.”

Incoming Government must prioritise Housing and call it a National Emergency

Maurice Quinlivan to sit on committee on housing and homelessness.


Sinn Féin has nominated Limerick TD Maurice Quinlivan to sit on the new all-party sub committee on housing and homelessness.

Speaking today Deputy Quinlivan said;

“The new all party sub committee on housing and homelessness was agreed after Sinn Féin put forward a motion seeking its establishment. That committee should meet this coming week and an interim report should be completed before the end of April.”

"It is essential that all stakeholders involved in the provision of Housing, those affected by the housing crisis and homeless people themselves are allowed to come before the committee and share their experiences and solutions.

"The housing situation in this state has gone from crisis to a national emergency. Nowhere is this emergency more evident than in the city of Limerick and there are issues that must be addressed immediately.


Maurice Quinlivan to sit on committee on housing and homelessness.

Flood management group owe the people an explanation


Sinn Féin TD Maurice Quinlivan has strongly criticised the interdepartmental group set up to work with the OPW for the management of flood risk after reports have emerged that the steering group did not meet for four years and the main group for almost six years.

Deputy Quinlivan said that this was wholly irresponsible and unacceptable when so many families were driven from their homes by the flood waters that have become a more frequent problem for people in rural areas to deal with and that the body in charge of devising strategy did not see fit to even meet.


Flood management group owe the people an explanation

Irish Water must end its campaign of harassment immediately


3rd April 2016

Sinn Féin TD Maurice Quinlivan has demanded that Irish Water “end its campaign of harassment against those with outstanding bills.” He made the call after being contacted by concerned constituents over the weekend, who complained about being persistently contacted by the company.


Irish Water must end its campaign of harassment immediately

Limerick Easter Commemoration 2016

Newly elected Sinn Féin TD for Limerick City, Maurice Quinlivan will be the main speaker at the annual Limerick City Sinn Féin 1916 Commemoration, which will take place at the Republican Plot, Mount St. Laurence on this Easter Sunday.

The assembly point and time for the event will be outside the main gate of the cemetery at 11.45am.

Limerick Easter Commemoration 2016

FF and FG running scared of debate on Irish Water

Sinn Féin TD for Limerick, Maurice Quinlivan, has expressed his disappointment at Fianna Fáil for voting with the outgoing government in order to prevent a Sinn Féin Dáil motion to debate the scrapping of water charges.

Deputy Quinlivan said; "Fianna Fáil's decision to side with the outgoing government in the blocking of this motion, shows that they are wedded to the same stale politics.

"Fianna Fáil, in the first meaningful vote on the management of Dáil business, on the first day of the 32nd Dáil, voted with the government to block the Sinn Féin proposal to take a motion on the scrapping of water charges.

"It was a sharp reminder of where Fianna Fáil stand on the issue of domestic charges.

FF and FG running scared of debate on Irish Water

Hospital Crisis Damning Indictment of Government Failure

 Responding to reports of an upcoming Prime Time exposé on University Hospital Limerick, Sinn Féin Councillor Maurice Quinlivan has declared the situation in the hospital as a "damning indictment of government failure."

The UL Hospitals Group has admitted that the hospitals Accident and Emergency Department is "not fit for purpose" following a whistleblower describing conditions there as "absolute hell"

Cllr. Quinlivan went on to say that the programme was "shocking but not surprising".

Hospital Crisis Damning Indictment of Government Failure

Quinlivan criticises Tesco moves to cut wages


Sinn Féin General Election candidate Maurice Quinlivan has expressed his strong opposition to efforts by Tesco to cut the wages of long serving staff members; this includes workers who have been employed by the company for 20 years.

After talking with Tesco workers in Limerick this week Maurice Quinlivan said:

“Tesco Ireland is one of the most profitable companies in the State. It is unacceptable that it should be seeking to reduce the pay and terms and conditions of its long term and most loyal employees.

Quinlivan criticises Tesco moves to cut wages

Call for new Castleconnell secondary school.


 Sinn Fein General Election candidate Maurice Quinlivan has called for a new secondary school for the Castleconnell area of the Limerick City constituency.

Responding to the recent election promise of a new secondary school for the Castletroy area of the city, Councillor Quinlivan said “There is definitely a need for new secondary school on that side of the city, but Castleconnell appears to be ignored in terms of consideration for location."

“When you consider that there are 3 primary schools across Castleconnell, Lisnagry and Ahane with 800 pupils in total, I believe there is a strong case for siting any new secondary school between Annacotty and Castleconnell.

The Sinn Fein Councillor continued “ For a number of years now many parents in the Castleconnell and Ahane areas have had no choice other than to send their children out of the county to be educated in Co Tipperary. There is also increasing concern about the future priority that pupils from these areas will have with regard to schools in the Castletroy and city areas.

 “A secondary school  close to Castleconnell would meet the needs of parents across a wide range of locations including Annacotty and Castletroy. It would also bring badly needed sporting and recreational facilities to the communities in these areas, areas that have largely been forgotten when it comes to investment by the State.”

“A positive decision in favour of Castleconnell would also give a significant economic lift to the local economy in that part of the county, with shops, café’s and local employment all being given a lift.”

 Councillor Quinlivan concluded “The Castleconnell area has been largely forgotten by sitting TD’s for too long. It has seen a massive increase in housing, but no corresponding investment in resources or sporting and recreational amenities. Prioritising this area for a new secondary school would be a significant step in correcting this situation” 

Quinlivan opposes new recycling tax


SINN Féin General Election candidate Maurice Quinlivan has described plans by Environment Minister Alan Kelly to make people start paying for their recycling as “the final sting from a dying government”.

Controversy has arisen over new ‘pay-by-weight’ legislation, coming into effect this summer, which will see new charges for green recycling bins.

Cllr Quinlivan has said that the signing off on Minister Kelly’s plans will see the Government leave a trail of new taxes and cuts behind as their legacy. He also warned that these new charges will lead to less materials being recycled and an increase in illegal dumping.

Quinlivan opposes new recycling tax

The political establishment has met its match in Sinn Féin


"The political establishment has met its match in Sinn Féin. We will deliver for the people of Limerick." - Cllr Maurice Quinlivan

Sinn Féin's General Election Cllr Maurice Quinlivan candidate has declared that "the political establishment has finally met its match in Sinn Féin" and he outlined his party's vision for a better Ireland in which the ordinary people of Limerick would be treated with dignity and respect.

He also make it clear that Sinn Féin wants to be government to bring about progressive and lasting change.

Councillor Quinlivan was speaking at the launch of his election campaign at The Absolute Hotel where he was joined Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald TD.


The political establishment has met its match in Sinn Féin

Limerick Rents Are Devastating


Limerick Rents Are Devastating

Limerick Sinn Féin General Election Candidate, Cllr Maurice Quinlivan, has said that out of control rents and a lack of accommodation available in the city are "devastating for the people of Limerick who are simply looking to put a roof over their heads."

Limerick Rents Are Devastating

Limerick Trolley Numbers Soar ­ Along With Empty Government Promises

Quinlivan: Limerick Trolley Numbers Soar ­ Along With Empty Govt Promises

Limerick Sinn Féin Councillor Maurice Quinlivan has said that the government’s chaotic and bungled approach to healthcare continues in Limerick.

The latest INMO daily Trolley Watch figures since Christmas state that Limerick’s University Hospital had the highest numbers every day of citizens languishing on trolleys across the state.

 Limerick Trolley Numbers Soar ­ Along With Empty Government Promises

Labour Party is living in a dream land" ahead of election

Minister Kelly's water remarks "shows that the Labour Party is living in a dream land" ahead of election ­ Cllr Maurice Quinlivan

 Sinn Féin General Election candidate Cllr Maurice Quinlivan has said comments made by Minister Alan Kelly, in which he stated that the issue of water has "gone off" his agenda" shows that "the Labour Party is living in a dream land" ahead of the general election".

 Cllr Quinlivan said; "Minister Kelly's comments are utterly detached and arrogant. It shows that the Labour Party is living in a dream land ahead of the election. Just because he wishes something doesn't make it so.

Labour Party is living in a dream land" ahead of election

Limerick Right2Water Protest - 23rd January 2016

29 December 2015

The Right2Water MidWest has announced that is will organise a Limerick protest as part of a series of nationwide demonstrations to take place on Saturday, 23rd January 2016. The Right2Water campaign includes political parties, community groups and six trade unions including the CPSU, CWU, Mandate, OPATSI, TEEU and Unite Trade Union.

Limerick Right2Water Protest - 23rd January 2016

Noonan's comments "arrogant" and "detached"

19 December 2015
Sinn Féin General Election candidate Cllr Maurice Quinlivan has hit back at comments made by Minister Noonan in Thursday's edition of the Limerick Leader by describing the remarks as "arrogant" and "detached".

 Councillor Quinlivan said: “I felt Minister Noonan's comments were both arrogant and detached. He seems to be completely disconnected from the reality of everyday life in communities throughout Limerick. He has a brass neck to criticise Sinn Féin on economic matters when his policies have devastated the lives of thousands of ordinary people over the last five years.

Noonan's comments "arrogant" and "detached"

Waterways Ireland must Compensate Residents


13 Dec 2015

Sinn Féin Councillor Maurice Quinlivan said “it is now clear that Waterways Ireland’s failure to monitor the Canal Bank caused the serious flood in Corbally on Saturday. This was not an “act of god” or “freak of nature”. Rather it was something which could have been easily avoided. I am in no doubt it was primarily caused by the ineptitude of Waterways Ireland. Approximately 14 houses at Richmond Park, Corbally, were flooded, the Local School was affected and the local Rugby Club, St. Mary’s RFC is still assessing potential damage to its facilities as a result of this flooding.


Waterways Ireland must Compensate Residents

Unemployment crisis is creating a social disaster

Sinn Féin General Election candidate Councillor Maurice Quinlivan has expressed his concern that the continued frightening levels of both youth unemployment and long term unemployment are creating a social disaster for which Fine Gael and the Labour Party should be held accountable.

Unemployment crisis is creating a social disaster

St. Mary’s Park Clean­up

Councillor Quinlivan said: “This work was long overdue and has been well received by the people of St. Mary’s Park.

St. Mary’s Park Clean­up

Truth of unequal Budget is emerging

Sinn Féin Councillor and General Election candidate Maurice Quinlivan has highlighted evidence  emerging from both the ESRI and Social Justice Ireland that demonstrates the regressive and unequal nature of the Budget. Cllr Quinlivan was responding to the analysis carried out by the organisations which showed that the better off have, once again, gained most from the budget.

Truth of unequal Budget is emerging

Government sleepwalking into TTIP Disaster

Sinn Féin Councillor Maurice Quinlivan has accused the Government of sleepwalking into signing up to a disastrous free trade agreement between Europe and the USA.

Government sleepwalking into TTIP Disaster

Two Ministers, No Motorway

Sinn Féin Limerick Councillor Maurice Quinlivan has described as "a huge disappointment to Limerick" the failure of Ministers Michael Noonan and Jan O'Sullivan to have the upgrading of the main Limerick to Cork Motorway (N20) included in Capital Spending Plan announced by the Government yesterday.

Two Ministers, No Motorway

Youth unemployment crisis far more pronounced than government wants to admit

Speaking today in response to the Nevin Economic Research Institute’s (NERI) report into the levels of emigration amongst young people since the start of the economic crisis, Sinn Féin Councillor Maurice Quinlivan agreed with NERI director Tom Healy in his analysis that “were it not for emigration, unemployment today might be only moderately less – if at all – than what it was at its peak in 2012”.

Youth unemployment crisis far more pronounced than government wants to admit